Brian Ferdinand 

Brian Ferdinand is managing partner with CorpHousing Group, a national, short-term apartment rental operator.

Brian Ferdinand

Business Consultant, and Real Estate Investor

Brian Ferdinand is a well-respected entrepreneur and visionary with decades of experience as a real estate investor and business consultant. Brian is recognized and lauded for his in-depth knowledge and expertise of all facets of both residential and commercial real estate ownership by investing in and managing properties. Through years of experience and hard work, Brian has gained a vast understanding of the fast-growing short-term rental sector, which he applies in his current business ventures.

Today, Brian leads CorpHousing Group and SoBeNY as managing director and owner/operating partner, respectively. Each of these companies provides Brian with unique opportunities to apply his diverse background as a real estate investor and proprietary business owner while offering exclusive property rental experiences for guests from around the world.

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CorpHousing Group 

CorpHousing Group was founded in 2017 and is the operating entity for national, short-term apartment rentals that represent and manage proprietary “Class A” multi-family real estate units throughout the nation. CorpHousing Group’s unique partnership model creates varying levels of real estate opportunities with established, leading development firms, commercial real estate advisors, real estate investors, and high-end property managers.

Collaborating with top urban developers, property managers, and owners across the United States, CorpHousing Group engages at various stages of projects from design to change of ownership. One of CorpHousing Group’s many value propositions is to provide stabilization via premium service and added value to its strategic partners.

CorpHousing currently operates offices in New York City, Miami, and Alexandria VA and manages property units in NYC, Boston, Washington DC, Miami Beach, Miami, FL; Denver, Seattle, L.A, and San Francisco.


SoBeNY is the growing hospitality marketing platform that represents CorpHousing Group’s exclusive inventory of high-quality rental assets located in the urban core of major metropolitan markets. CorpHousing Group’s approach to the short-term rental market enables guests to experience a level of standardization across its portfolio while exploring the diversity of this nation’s most beloved cities.

The SoBeNY website and best in class customer service are as elegant and sophisticated as the properties it showcases. As you browse the site, you will understand why travelers are turning to CorpHousing Group’s premier property units. Whether you are looking for a quick get-a-way, or want the adventure of exploring a new city, SoBeNY offers everything you need to feel at home when away from home. Traveling to a new city has never been easier. Simply pick the city you are visiting, choose your dates, select your residence, confirm your details, check yourself in, and enjoy your new surroundings. Sometimes, a different perspective makes all the difference in the world.

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